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Two 40 is here to teach you how to play the piano

This website wants to help you learn to play the piano the easiest and quickest way, using only top rated techniques that are proven to produce rapid results.You will be able to play the piano like a pro by simply visiting this website every now and then, watching our video tutorials, reading the blog posts and receiving weekly newsletters from me (be sure to sign up).

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Playing the piano is food for the soul. And the positive effects it has on your cognitive skills – It’s like going to the gym for your brain. The feel good endorphins your brain releases when you play is better than therapy.

Learn the basics and advanced techniques

If you know the basics, then you will never get lost in playing the piano. By learning the foundations of what makes up a melody, when you master these basic techniques it will take you to the higher levels that you will be shocked to realize. And from there the more advanced techniques will be a whole lot easier. Remember, the basics will be your baby steps and the advanced techniques will be like you are running at a faster speed. It will all flow naturally provided you put in a little practice.

Be able to play classical pieces

In no time, not only will you be able to play simple pieces, but you will be able to recite classical piano that will seem highly complex to an untrained individual. You can start playing beautiful pieces from Beethoven. This training can take you there – Just follow the exercises.

If you want to know more about how to learn piano or you have some questions, simply contact me and I will be glad to answer all your questions. Or, you can browse my website to get relevant information and tips, the how to’s on how to play the piano.

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